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Frequently Asked Questions

Combine model used in 'It's safer here' What's the story behind Reissues?
Story? What story? You mean as in plot? PFFFHHHT!!! AS IF! Who needs such fancy business?

More seriously; the idea behind Reissues is to have a number of levels that are totally unrelated to each other in order to create a very diverse and incoherent map pack. An additional side-effect is that when you don't like one set of levels, then there should be something else in the map pack to catch your interest!

Does Reissues feature no story whatsoever?
No; most of the individual levels in Reissues do have a story of their own. These stories however only apply to these levels and not to the whole Reissues map pack.

Is there any link whatsoever between the individual map submissions that make up Reissues?
As mentioned before, there is a bounding factor, but that will only become apparent after completing Reissues.

What's the current release date for Reissues?
Reissues was released in the summer of 2008 and can now be downloaded at the downloads page.

Is there any custom content available in Reissues? (Like new textures, new guns, etc.)
Yes. The amount of custom content varies per submission, but among new custom content are textures, models, sounds, voice acting, sprites and code.

Out of how many maps does Reissues currently consist?
Currently Reissues consists out of 27 maps, equalling roughly 2 to 4 hours of playing time.

What other modifications have the people on the Reissues team worked on?
The Reissues team members have worked on the following projects; Project Quantum Leap, Issues, Starlabs, Coil and Nightwatch.

Whose idea was it originally to create a totally incoherent map pack?
The idea emerged in an old Valve-ERC forum thread and came from a community member called THERBCO.

Eh, you don't wanna know... What technology does Reissues run on?
Reissues proudly runs on Half-Life 1 (a.k.a. the GoldSource engine) and Spirit of Half-Life.

What will I need to run Reissues?
You will need to have a fully updated copy of Half-Life 1, using either WON (traditional Half-Life) or Steam. You will not need a copy of Spirit of Half-Life. (This comes included with the mod.)

What are Reissues' system requirements?
The system requirements are somewhat higher than those of Half-Life. Recommended is a Pentium 3 processor or equivalent, 64MB RAM, graphics card supporting OpenGL and with at least 12MB of memory and 100MB of free hard disk space.

I have a question that isn't answered on this website.
Any remaining questions can be asked in the forums. The forums make use of Chatbear, so you'll have to register an account in order to make use of the forum.