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About Reissues

Egyptian Spearman used in 'Scepter of Ra'

In brief...

So what if Half-Life 2 is out - you're not ready to abandon the original Half-Life yet are you? Not when Spirit of Half-Life is around!

Well neither are we!

In the tradition of Project Quantum Leap and Issues, we're launching Reissues - a collection of unrelated maps and mini-adventures by many different authors, all bound together by...

Okay, they're not really going to be bound together at all, but we'll still include them all in a single map-pack.

In detail...

Reissues is a collaborative mapping project that traces its roots back to Project Quantum Leap. The basic idea was to collect a bunch of unrelated maps and short multi-map adventures by authors of all levels of skill, both veterans and newbies, and release it as a single (very incoherent) map-pack. There was no story; each map stood (or fell) on its own. The first Issues was the same idea - in fact it was originally called PQL2 - except that it used Spirit of Half-Life as the basis for its maps.

Which brings us to Reissues.

Like its predecessors, it will be a collection of unrelated maps and short multi-map adventures. It will be based on Spirit of Half-Life. It will not be compatible with Half-Life 2 or Valve's Source engine. Underneath it all, Spirit is still a Half-Life 1 mod. This is old-school mapping.